What We Do

UNDP Belize supports capacity development, human development, advocacy, and coordination, for the achievement of MDGs and of human development, at a national and local level. In all our activities, we encourage effective aid management and south-south solutions.

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Latest MDG Report
MDG Report and Post 2015 Agenda, Belize 2013

The  2013 Belize MDGs Progress Report takes a stocktaking assessment of the country’s progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals documenting challenges that hindered progress and clearly identifying the ‘unfinished business’ or remaining and emerging priorities within the context of each MDG. Furthermore, the report also articulates a post 2015 development agenda building on the country’s experiences with the MDGs with a particular
focus on lessons learnt and their implications on informed policy making. This is the more critical given the development of the new Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy (GPRS) 2014-2017 that will essentially constitute the framework for both the country’s unfinished business with the
MDGs, and the post-2015 agenda.