Case Study: GEF SGP Country Program

Published on 30 Jun 2007

Report Summary

The Belize Small Grants Programme (SGP) has been evaluated in terms of relevance to national environmental and development priorities and to national development plans.  Assessment of the program’s effectiveness was done by determining the extent to which the program has raised awareness of and influenced behavior toward the environment and the extent to which the outcomes have or can be expected to translate to global benefits. Efficiency was mainly evaluated through an examination of the cost ratios of the SGP operations, its governance and administrative functions, and its business processes.

The evaluation shows that the Belize SGP is relevant to both national and Global Environment Facility (GEF) priorities. The heavy biodiversity focus (94.1 percent of full grants) identified is consistent with the evolution of the country’s policy, legislative, and institutional framework.


  • Of 131 SGP projects implemented only 6 are not in biodiversity area.
  • Instrumental in growth of communities and expansion in protected areas.
  • The SGP program is relevant to both country and GEF priorities.
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