Rapid Impact Assessment of Financial and Economic Crisis on Poverty and Vulnerability in Belize and Dangriga

Published on 28 Feb 2011

Report Summary

As the economies of developing countries are grappling with recession, the most vulnerable populations are the first to fall victims to this crisis.

This Report highlights that there are distinct aspects of urban poverty that need to be addressed to reduce regional disparities in MDG achievement. Essentially, the Rapid Impact Assessment (RIA) found that urban communities, specifically those in Dangriga Town and Belize City were affected by the financial and economic crisis (FEC). These communities were able to articulate the extent of poverty and vulnerability experienced, through a participatory poverty assessment that was implemented to enrich the impact assessment process. In many instances, the crises exacerbated the vulnerability and poverty experienced by many households.


  • Coping strategies used by these residents result in loss of nutritional intake and children’s time in schools.
  • Need measures to support communities to cope with shocks and to acquire the means to generate / diversify income.
  • Need to build social capital and strengthen civil society organizations that can work at the community level.