Situation Analysis of Gender and Politics in Belize “Toward Equality of Opportunity for Equality of Results”

Published on 10 Dec 2012

Report Summary

The Situation Analysis documents the impediments that preclude the presence of female representatives in the House of Representatives.  It also identifies ways to jump start the process of identifying and implementing concrete, enforceable actions that could increase the representation of women in electoral politics and achieve Belize’s commitments to greater women’s representation as quickly as possible.  Particular attention has been paid to strategies necessary to open the doors for women at the national level of electoral politics.

Furthermore, the Report provides data and analysis on the participation rate of women in both elected office and appointed positions since 1998, as well as an analysis of the current political and policy context and structural barriers affecting women in the political process.  In addition, the study assesses performance on the recommendations in the Women in Politics report and commitments made by political parties.  By identifying best practices elsewhere and analyzing the current situation in Belize, the analysis aims to inform the development of an advocacy strategy and stimulate a public dialogue on women in politics in Belize.

Highlights of Recommendations

  • Implement Quotas
  • Review Electoral Systems
  • Access to Campaign Financing
  • Solidarity among women across party lines
  • Action by political parties
  • Strengthen women’s movement and civil society
  • Enhance Parliament to be Gender-­friendly