Are you enthusiastic and committed to development in Belize and interested in a career with UNDP? If so, UNDP is keen to hear from you. We advertise vacancies publicly when they are available.  Employment positions with UNDP are interesting and offer excellent benefits. UNDP is committed to helping you develop your potential by providing great training and education opportunities for your future career advancement at national and international levels.

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Five principles guide all recruitment and selection in UNDP:


  1. Competition: a visible competitive process which aims to attract high quality candidates for all vacancies;
  2. Fairness: all candidates, irrespective of gender, race and background, are assessed in the same manner;
  3. Objectivity: all recruitment and selections are conducted with professional rigor, with candidates measured against clearly articulated criteria and job competencies;
  4. Transparency: the selection criteria and process are transparent to all applicants;
  5. Accountability: hiring managers and hiring units will have greater direct input into recruitment and selection decisions, matched by greater accountability for those decisions and the processes leading up to them.


Recruitment Process


Vacancies are posted on the UNDP Belize website for a minimum of two weeks. If you find a job that matches your skills and interests, simply send your CV and the name of the ToR you want to apply to undp.belize@undp.org


Screening and Interviewing

  • Selection criteria and competencies needed are stated in the vacancy announcement pertinent to a specific position. After the closing date, the long-list of candidates is prepared based on these competencies. For certain technical positions, technical test results may use as a further assessment tool. The “long list” is reviewed and the ensuring shortlist is finally prepared based on technical testing, corporate priorities, organizational needs, and holistic assessment of candidate profiles.
  • Shortlisted candidates are then invited for interviews with the interviewing panel which is usually composed of four panelists.
  • A thorough reference and background checks is conducted on the recommended candidate.
  • The interview panel recommends the selected candidate to an internal committee. The latter reviews the recruitment process and ensures its transparency and competitiveness.
  • The selected candidate must provide a medical clearance before starting his or her duties.
  • Due to the high volume of applications received, only shortlisted candidates are contacted.

Employment of Close Relatives

A husband/wife of a UN Staff Member may be engaged under an employment contract with UNDP, provided there is no direct supervising relationship.

Contracting close relatives of UN staff members or an individual engaged with UNDP under a Contract (father, mother, brother, son, daughter, brother or sister) is prohibited. (Rare exceptions are granted when another person equally qualified cannot be engaged, which requires the approval of the Office of Human Resources in New York).

Types of Contracts

Fixed Term Appointment (FTA National /International)
Use of Contract Modality -
Employed on core activities of continuing nature, within the office; activities not likely to be concluded within 3 years. For career staff, UNDP invests in individuals’ training and career development.

Service contract (SC)
Use of Contract Modality -
Work is not part of UNDP’s central core work; is within project context (NEX agency, direct execution, etc.) or in UNDP office on work that could be outsourced, but for which outsourcing is not feasible or desirable under special circumstances. It is issued for a minimum period of 6 months and maximum of one year. Renewal of an SC is subjected to performance, project duration & needs, and budget availability.

Individual contract (IC)

Use of Contract Modality - The IC is used for the procurement of services of an individual to perform non-staff tasks in connection with clear and quantifiable deliverables which shall be listed in the contract and linked to payment.

The Individual Contract is intended solely to deliver time and deliverable bound services, subject to availability of funds. These services can be intellectual in nature (requiring a consultant) or support services (requiring a contractor).

Remuneration Scale for Local Individual Contractors

The ranges of the remuneration rates in Belize Dollars for local Individual Contractors are represented below. For consultancies exceeding the one (1) month period, the monthly rates will apply.

Remuneration Scale (IC, September 2013)
Level Minimum Requirements Daily Fee (BZ$) Monthly Fee (BZ$)
Academic Qualification Min. Experience Min. Max. Min. Max.
1 Technician High School Not Required $53 $103 $636 $1,236
2 Clerk Technician 1-3 Years $76 $141 $912 $1,692
3 Assistant Bachelor 3-5 Years $109 $194 $1,308 $2,328
4 Professional Master 1-5 Years $170 $363 $2,040 $4,356
5 Specialist Master 5-10 Years $227 $463 $2,724 $5,556
6 Senior Specialist Master, PhD preferable 10 Years or more $280 $572 $3,360 $6,864



UNDP Belize also welcomes applications from outstanding university students and graduates interested in acquiring experience as interns. Through this programme interns gain exposure to UNDP’s Programme and Operations work. The interns attached to the Programme section are deployed to any of the appropriate programme areas. Under operations, interns gain working experience in a wide range of activities including staffing and human resources, procurement, general administration and finance.

UNDP strives to have a workforce which reflects diversity and gender balance, and applies an equal opportunities approach.


UNDP, as a matter of practice, does not charge any application, processing or training fee at any stage of the recruitment process. If you have any questions as to vacancy announcements you may have received, please refer to this website. UNDP is currently aware of fictitious vacancy announcements that are being circulated through the internet, the purpose of which is to get people to register for training and send in a fee. If you believe that you have received such a notice, please forward it, and any other related information you have received, to scamalert@undp.org. Since logos, emblems, names and addresses can be easily copied or reproduced, you are advised to take particular care in applying for vacancies, including undertaking all appropriate measures to protect against the unauthorized use of any personal information you may have provided as a result of the scam.