Democratic Governance

  • Applying MDG Acceleration Framework: Addressing Governance Bottlenecks to Achieve Water and Sanitation Coverage in Belize

    The MDG (Millennium Development Goals) Acceleration Framework (MAF) identified bottlenecks impeding the country's capacity to meet its MDG 7c water and sanitation targets. It showed that while the country was implementing rural water systems projects, improved sanitation coverage remains slow due to the absence of the facilitation and coordination by an identified lead agency. This project will implement some of the critical measures identified, institutionalizing democratic governance practices in rural water and sanitation service delivery while building leadership capacities within the responsible Ministry to improve coordination and performance at a community level.

  • Increased Prosecution Capacity, Community Leadership and Youth Engagement

    Access to justice and observance of the rule of law is critical security in Belize. This is particularly important given the high levels of violent crime in the country. Between 2000 - 2008 the homicide rate climbed from 19 to 32 per 100,000 with the perception that young people are increasingly becoming perpetrators of crime and violence. However, youth are significantly marginalized in the criminal justice system due to a lack of knowledge of their rights and overall inability to access legal services when in conflict with the law. This project aims at attaining improvement in this area.