Increased Prosecution Capacity, Community Leadership and Youth Engagement

What is the project about

This project aims to strengthen three areas of the criminal justice system (CJS), in order to improve the state and non-state institutions that safeguard the rights of young people who come in conflict with the law.

Specifically the project objectives are, to (a) improve implementation of National and International Criminal Justice Standards (CJS) for dealing with youth who come in conflict with the law; (b) reduce the exclusion of youth in discourse on access to justice and human rights; (c) establish a systematic process for the sharing of technical information and practices among CJS stakeholders in relation to youth; and (d) provide training opportunities for youth on remand in order to provide them with pro-social opportunities in an effort to reduce the rate of repeat offenses.

What have we accomplished so far

As a part of the alternative life skills training provided for young men in conflict with the law, and in collaboration with the Community Rehabilitation Department, Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, the project provided a three month program on conflict resolution through sports, and vocational skills training for youth on remand at the Wagners Correctional Facility. These youth received coaching and mentorship training necessary to learn the sport of basketball and to apply the skills of conflict resolution when playing the game.

With their designated theme "The SCAIS the Limit", the programme included the implementation of a three month course of the nationally endorsed lifeskills training and culminated with a basketball marathon. A competition was held and at the end, an award ceremony took place, recognizing the excellence of individuals and teams. The additional life skills training programme completed at the Wagner's Youth Facility, included training in wood arts and craft, enabling the young men to have a skill for income generation after leaving the facility.


Major sources of financing (including all sources providing more than $100,000).

2012 to 2013
Amount (US)
Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund (DGTTF) $100,000
Government of Belize

Delivery in previous fiscal years

Total delivery up through the most recent year for which UNDP’s financial books have closed.

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