Women's Empowerment

  • Millennium Development Development Goals Assessment and Cost PrognosisMillennium Development Development Goals Assessment and Cost PrognosisNov 16, 2012
    The MDGs Acceleration Framework (MAF) consultations and research resulted in a “Country Action Plan” which lays out the framework for continued efforts for the achievement of the MDGs by 2015. The MDGs Needs Assessment and Cost Prognosis Project (MDG NACP) has propelled the Acceleration Framework on MDGs 3, 4 & 7. This project deals with the MDG NACP of Millennium Development Goal 3.

  • Strengthening Women's Representation in National Leadership in BelizeStrengthening Women's Representation in National Leadership in BelizeNov 16, 2012
    Strengthening capacity of women and civil society organizations to forge the development of an inclusive, political platform to institutionalize equal participation of women in national leadership and build the capacity of women leaders to participate as constituent representatives in national elections.


Gender equality depends on women’s ability to participate in and influence decision-making. CEDAW stipulates that women should be represented in political and public life on equal terms with men since the presence of women in leadership increases the probability that their experiences are represented in decision making (Gender Justice: Key to Achieving the Millennium Development Goals, UNIFEM).