Strengthening Women's Representation in National Leadership in Belize

What is the project about

This project promotes women's right to representation and participation in national leadership as a prerequisite to improve their economic and social status in Belize. The capacity of women and civil society organizations should be strengthened to foster and contribute to the development of an inclusive, human-rights oriented political platform to institutionalize equal participation of women as constituent representatives in national elections.

Initiatives centre on three key themes: 1) advocacy which will enhance lobbying for women's participation in national and local electoral politics; 2) the development of temporary special measures and legislative revision which will provide legal support to women's participation; and 3) the importance of building capacity for women who have the desire to run for politics by providing training in areas such as managing a campaign, among other key areas necessary to effectively run for office.

What have we accomplished so far

A National Gender and Democracy Forum was held on October 3rd and 4th, 2012. This forum increased knowledge of women’s political and democratic rights.  It focused on engaging the public on the rights of women to political participation and representation in national decision-making. Additionally this forum resulted in the identification of an advocacy committee to advocate for women's participation in national decision making.


Major sources of financing (including all sources providing more than $100,000).

2012 to 2014
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The United Nations Democracy Fund

Delivery in previous fiscal years

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