Democratic Governance

The importance of democratic governance is clearly recognized in the UNDP Strategic Plan for 2008–2013, approved by the Executive Board. This strategy outlines the ‘architecture’ of UNDP’s way of working with democratic governance, focusing on three areas: 1) Fostering inclusive participation; 2) Strengthening responsive governing institutions; and 3) Basing democratic governance on international principles.” (A Guide to UNDP Democratic Governance Practice).

Our Goals

Decentralization is seen as ”A Stepping Stone to Improved Governance and Human Development”. UNDP Belize has supported the democratic governance processes of the State through various initiatives, including capacity building support to local government authorities in the Villages, and support to the development of the decentralization policy framework of the Government of Belize.more

Community Participation in Legislative Review, UNDP Belize, 2012.

Current initiatives supported by UNDP Belize integrate the community in consultations for legislative review, and for enhancing inclusive governance structures, in water governance, women's political participation, and access to legal services by marginalized populations.

Our Stories

Projects and Initiatives

Improving Water Management and Governance.

Applying MDG Acceleration Framework: Addressing Governance Bottlenecks to Achieve Water and Sanitation Coverage in Belize

The MDG (Millennium Development Goals) Acceleration Framework (MAF) identified bottlenecks impeding the country's capacity to meet its MDG 7c water and sanitation targets. The project focuses on building capacity for improved governance and management of water. more

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