Human Development

"Human development as an approach, deals with what I consider the basic development idea: namely, increasing the richness of human life rather than the wealth of the economy in which human beings live, which is only a part of life itself." Amartya Sen, Nobel Prize for economics in 1998. It is undeniable that people are the real wealth of nations, so that human development involves expanding the opportunities and capacities to enable them to live a creative and productive life according to their needs and interests. For this reason, development is focused on expanding the choices human beings have to have the life they value. In this sense, it is essential to work on building capacities for human development that is sustainable over time.

Our Goals

We aim to contribute to building capacities for human development that is sustainable over time that will enable people to: 1) enjoy a long and healthy life; 2) obtain an education; 3) have access to resources that enable them to live in dignity; and 4) be able to participate in decisions that affect their community.more

Youth Display Trash Fashion at Earth Day School Fair, UNDP Belize, 2012.

Empowerment through awareness enables self-driven human development. Three levels of schools participated in Earth Day Fair at University of Belize Toledo Campus in 2012.

Our Stories

Projects and Initiatives

 Drop-in Centre for Southside Youth Inaugurated.

Southside Youth Success: Pathways to Employment for Young Men at-risk of Joining Gangs

Southside Belize City youth will be trained and certified in various trade areas, which will allow them to access opportunities to become employed and / or to re-enter formal education. more

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My Virtual City Competition 2012
ESRI Article, Fall 2012

Belize Virtual City Competition 2012, is one of the initiatives targetting youth as a key population group to work with.  The competition aimed at expanding the outlook of primary and secondary school children, as regards what development is and innovative technology that can assist development.  A TBSL / UNDP Belize / Esri partnership.