Women's Empowerment

The commitment embedded in the Millennium Declaration is that, by 2015, Belize would have made consistent and continuous improvement in the relative capacity of women to access opportunities to serve as constituency representatives. In order for this to happen, some of the root causes of women’s absence from political leadership roles will need to be addressed. It is evident that women at the national level are not only far less likely to be voted into office, but are also far less likely to enter into public life. Anecdotal evidence and interviews with women suggest that cultural norms and traditional perceptions of the role of women predominate and as such, women continue to work “behind the scenes”, without stepping forward for election, and without being asked and sufficiently prepared to do so.

Our Goals

UNDP Belize is committed to assisting the creation of a platform for national action that will allow key stakeholders to be a part of the process of identifying concrete steps that should be taken to facilitate women’s participation in national decision-making.more

Televised Discussion on MDGs and MDG3 Workshop, 2011.

A National Needs Assessment and Costing Prognosis Workshop, supported by UNDP Belize and Headquarters, was held in early 2011, to facilitate further progress on MDG3.

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 MDG 3 National Assessment and Costing Prognosis Workshop, UNDP Belize, 2011.

Women's Empowerment

Technical support to MDG aligned ministries has taken place to date to build capacity for national planning for MDGs 3 and 7. more

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MDGs and Needs Assessment and Costing Prognosis Workshop Discussion, Channel 5, May 2011.
Situation Analysis of Gender and Politics in Belize “Toward Equality of Opportunity for Equality of Results”

The Situation Analysis identifies ways to jump start the process of identifying and implementing concrete, enforceable actions that could increase the representation of women in electoral politics and achieve Belize’s commitments to greater women’s representation as quickly as possible.

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