Eight Goals for 2015

Our Partnerships

Video: MDG Scorecard and Outlook Report Launch, January 2012

Belize’s first MDGs Report, 2004, identified key issues to be addressed with respect to each of the eight (8) MDGs. To assist with integration of the MDGs in national plans and implementation, UNDP supported the Government of Belize in partnership with the University of Belize, the Ministry of Economic Development, the United Nations Country Team and the Ministries of Health, Natural Resources, Human Development and Local Government, in the implementation of an MDG Needs Assessment and Cost Prognosis (Phase II) Project. 

Video: 2012 MDGs Update

In the past few years the Government of Belize has addressed some of the challenges brought to light by the MDGs Scorecard and Outlook Report 2010, through various programmes and legislation. This summary attempts to underscore both the key messages of the 2010 Report and more recent data, policies and initiatives aimed at the attainment of all Millennium Development Goals.