Women’s Commission Seeks Opinions on Women and Politics

Oct 5, 2011

(Written by the National Women's Commission)

Why we have no women elected to the National Assembly, and few women at the level of city councils, town boards and village councils? Do you have some ideas? If you do, The National Women’s Commission wants to hear from you via a focus group discussion on the role of women in politics. These focus group discussions will take place on Saturday, October 22.

This discussion will provide input to a research project being conducted by the Women’s Commission in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme/UNDP. This project is part of the UNDP’s ongoing work in the area of democratic governance in Belize.

The Commission is looking for both male and female voters to be a part of these discussion groups. Participation is encouraged from all parts of Belize, and transportation costs (bus fare or air fare from the south) will be covered by the project. Participants of all ages and backgrounds are welcome, and younger voters are particularly encouraged to participate.

Anyone interested in participating in these discussions should contact the National Women’s Commission (223-4284 or e-mail womensrep@yahoo.com no later than Monday, October 17, 2011.

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