UNDP in Belize Announces its New Public Communication Site www.bz.undp.org

Jan 1, 2013

Did you know that…

  • UNDP Belize is one of the four resident UN Agencies in Belize.
  • UNDP Belize was established on 7 June 1982 with the signing of the Standard Basic Assistance Agreement and opened its office in Belize in the early 1990s.

Did you also know that…

  • BELIZE is a veritable melting pot of ethnic groups, including the Maya, Garifuna, Creole, Mestizo, East Indian, European, and more recent spicing up by various Asian, North American and African migrants.
  • BELIZE is also an ecological paradise offering jungle and sea adventures to the visitor, is part of the Mundo Maya and home of the largest Barrier Reef System in the northern hemisphere.

UNDP in Belize has joined a list of countries that are upgrading their online presence through UNDP’s Web Upgrade Project, which seeks to develop high standards of online communication across UNDP.  The initiative has equipped the country office with the tool to inform the public about the work UNDP does in Belize.

UNDP’s country office website is the main up-dated vehicle showcasing UNDP’s work on the ground, striking a careful balance between providing information about UNDP’s corporate and country-specific programmes and activities.

UNDP Belize contributes to the national priorities of the protection and harmonization of people and environment of Belize.  Our work in the areas of Environment and Crisis Prevention and Recovery, Empowerment of Women, Youth at Risk, and Millennium Development Goals Acceleration are examples of this.  Furthermore, our people-centred programming supports national initiatives promoting Democratic Governance, the fight against HIVAIDS and sustainable Human Development.  Our technical assistance includes coordination, capacity building and research.

This Web Upgrade is part of UNDP’s global content and collaboration architecture and aims to improve our communication, standardizes web management, establishes web governance, facilitates transparency, and ensures that the general public, UNDP partners and donors, etc., and development professionals can easily locate information.

UNDP Belize now has access to a robust, easy-to-use online publishing system.  We invite you to visit UNDP in Belize website today!


Contact information

Marta Hendrikx | Belmopan | Communications Associate | UNDP |Tel. +501 822 2688 | Fax: +501 822 3364 | Email: marta.hendrikx@undp.org

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