Workshop on Social Audit for Young Belizean Leaders

Oct 23, 2013

Citizen participation forms the overlying basis of democratic governance and social audit. Citizens, particularly young people, have the right to participate freely in auditing exercise. The local laws provide the framework for accessing information and freedom of speech. Young people must however, be trained with the technical skills to seek, use and analyze public information.

With this in mind, a workshop entitled “Empowering Young Leaders for Activism” is being hosted as a joint effort of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the University of Belize (UB).

The workshop is designed to promote the development of management, leadership and practical skills for social auditing from different dimensions, such as political, social, technical and collective action, among youth leaders in Belize. It aims to strengthen and enhance management, policy and technical skills, for the design, implementation, communication and evaluation of social audit processes, and to provide specific analytical tools for application.

This innovative training will engage almost 40 male and female youth leaders between the ages of 18 and 29, including Belize’s youth ambassadors, youth from the Junior Colleges and Universities, non-government organizations and political groups, in an effort to improve accountability and the respect and promotion of rights.

Special Assistant to the Office of the President, University of Belize, Sylvia Cattouse said, “the workshop aims to facilitate learning of participants through a combination of different pedagogical sources, including brief presentations, discussions and debates, the case-study method, group dynamics and deliberation”.

Opportunities for interviews by the media are on Friday between 10:00 to 10:15 AM; 12:30 to 1 PM; 3:15 to 3:30 PM; and on Saturday between 12:15 to 1 PM and 2:15 to 3 PM.

Venue: University of Belize, Central Farm Campus
Date and Time: Friday and Saturday, October 25-26, 2013, starting at 8 AM


  • Mr. Gerardo Berthin, Regional Policy Advisor in Local Governance and Decentralization, UNDP
  • Ms. Terri-Ann Gilbert-Roberts, Consultant in Democratic Governance and Youth Participation Issues, Research Fellow – Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Economic Studies
  • Mr. Amram Lemoth, Youth Facilitator
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