Safer City Pilot Initiative

Aug 1, 2016

Left to Right: Christian Salazar Vollkmann - UNDP Resident Representative, Nicole Haylock - Coordinator, National Security Council Secretariat, Ralston Frazer - Councillor, Belmopan City Council, Superintendent Gerald Jones - Officer in Charge of Community Policing Belmopan. Photo Credit: Omar J. Gale

The Ministry of National Security, in collaboration with the Belmopan City Council, launched the first ever "Safer City Pilot Project" in the country of Belize. The use of the SafetiPin App, a free downloadable application, is being promoted as a part of this initiative. The aim is to encourage the proper management of public spaces and city streets to ensure safer neighborhoodsfor women, men and children, thus making the residents of the city of Belmopan less likely targets for those who commit crime.
A key component of this project is citizen reporting, meaning that the city’s residents can easily report any dangerous situation that they or others may come into contact with, via the SafetiPin App. Situational prevention is important for the deterrence of crime in any community, and citizens will be able to report dark areas where the street lights have stopped working, overgrown sites, areas where they observe criminal activity, or any situation that makes them feel unsafe. When this type of information is reported, it will be passed on to the relevant municipal authoritiesalong with the necessary data to assist in the creation of evidence-based crime prevention strategies uniquely suited for the city of Belmopan.
The Safer City Pilot Project is being supported by the Evidence-Based Information Management on Citizen Security in Central America and the Dominican Republic (InfoSeguraProject) which is funded by the USAID and implemented by UNDP. The InfoSegura Project encourages citizen reporting, gender-sensitive and multidimensional approaches, and multisectoral collaboration. This Safer City initiative is just one of the many activities that the InfoSegura Project seeks to support in the country of Belize. The upcoming launch of the Belize Crime Observatory, another first for the country, is an initiative aimed at improving the quality of data on crime and violence, to encourage the development of comprehensive crime prevention strategies.
Representatives from the Ministry of National Security, the Belmopan City Council, the United Nations Development Programme, The Belize Police Department, Utility Companies, the Business Community and Society Based Organizations were present at the launch of the Safer City Pilot Project.

Contact information

Cuffa Ramirez (Ms.)

Project Liaison Officer
InfoSegura Project
National Security Council Secretariat
Ministry of National Security
City of Belmopan

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