Left to Right: Diane Wade, Programme Analyst, United Nations Development Programme (at the podium), Belize City Mayor - His Worship Bernard Wagner (sitting at head table)


The project, “Towards Low Carbon Transport:  Piloting e-mobility within Belize’s Public Transport System” was launched today in an official ceremony involving Ministers of Government, Hon Gilroy Usher Sr. and Hon Michel Chebat, Belize City Mayor His Worship Bernard Wagner, the Head of Cooperation for the Delegation of the European Union, Aniceto Rodríguez Ruiz and UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, Mr. Ian King. The 39-month project is funded by the European Union and will be administered by the UNDP Belize Country Office and values some 4.5 million Euros (approximately USD 5.3 Million).


“The E-Mobility Pilot Project is the latest initiative launched by Plan Belize under its commitment to support and accelerate the electrification of transport as part of a clean vision for Belize” said Hon. Michel Chebat (Minister Energy)


The project supports the implementation of Belize’s updated Nationally Determined Contributions to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the country’s associated Low Emission Development Strategy (LEDS); and represents the country’s first effort to promote and accelerate the uptake of electric mobility, as electric vehicles including buses are to be introduced within Belize’s Public Transport Network, focusing on intercity travel within Belize’s Western Corridor and intra-urban public transportation in Belize City.


According to EU Head of Cooperation, Aniceto Rodríguez Ruiz, “This pilot project seeks to set the course for future investments in the e-mobility sector in Belize. That is why it is so essential; it gives a vital impulse for using renewable energy in the country and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”


The proposed initiative will introduce a minimum of six electric buses by the end of 2022 and harnesses the technical expertise and investments of a broad range of national and international actors including the private sector. It utilizes the learning experience of the demonstration pilot with an aim of elaborating an enabling national policy framework and exploring appropriate financial instruments capable of de-risking market entry for electric vehicles into Belize.


“This is a very exciting project, and UNDP is delighted to be able to provide support to the national structure as it advances on its goal towards low carbon development. The long-term benefit of this project to the lowering of Belize’s emissions and to improving quality of life to its citizenry is significant,” said Mr. King.


Click on the link below to see a video of the project launch.






United Nations Development Programme:

Diane Wade, diane.wade@undp.org | Programme Analyst


Ministry of Public Utilities, Energy, Logistics & E-Governance:

Ryan Cobb, energy@energy.gov.bz  | Energy Director


Ministry of Youth, Sport &Transportation:

Dian Vasquez, cto@trnsport.gov.bz | Chief Transport Officer

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